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Guitar Strap Gallery Group 1 of 3

Simple Concho Guitar Strap
              Ring Guitar Strap
              Multi-Concho Guitar Strap
              Ring Guitar Strap Studded
              Guitar Strap Multi-Stud Special

              Concho Chain Guitar Strap
              Multi-Concho Special Guitar Strap
           Multi-Stud Guitar Strap
           Concho Chain Brown Gold Guitar Strap


Silverado Black Guitar Strap
              Silverado White Guitar Strap
              Silverado Red Guitar Strap
              Silverado Snakeskin Guitar Strap
              Red Ovals Guitar Strap
              White Ovals Guitar Strap
              Red Diamonds Guitar Strap

RD $170
              White Diamonds Guitar Strap

              Silverado Brown Gold Guitar Strap


Guitar Straps Group Two ... Leopard, Zebra, Lightning Bolts, Spiked Guitar Straps, etc.
Guitar Straps Group Three ... Custom Lettering, Studded Crosses and Tasseled Conchos
Studded Leather Belts ... Studded Concho Belts, Kiss Belt, Leopard and Zebra Belts, etc.
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A guitar strap is an accessory worn over one shoulder for hanging a guitar over the body while playing.
A guitar strap allows you to stand up and move around freely while playing your instrument.
There are two basic ways to put a guitar strap on an electric guitar.
The first and easiest way to attach a guitar strap is to simply use the strap buttons that come standard on all electric guitars.
The second method involves purchasing and installing strap locks.
A strap lock is a device that prevents the guitar strap from coming detached from the strap buttons.
How To Put On A Guitar Strap
Step 1: Find the knob on the bottom of the body of your guitar.
Step 2: Slip the buttonhole on one end of your guitar strap over the knob until it is securely attached.
Step 3: Locate the knob on the neck of the guitar, which will be on the top of the guitar body at the base of the neck.
If your guitar has no knob here, you will have to tie the end of the strap onto the neck of the guitar under the strings,
above the nut and below the heads so that it does not touch the strings, and tie it securely.
Step 4: Attach the other end of the guitar strap over the knob on the neck of the guitar until it is secure.
When putting a guitar strap on to an acoustic guitar, a string attaches underneath the frets and above the neck of the guitar,
and the other end attaches on a button on the bottom of the guitar.